About this

I’ve always adored word play – the way that you can have different spelling to get the same meaning. Or incorporating parts of widely used terms, icons or other words to make the words needed. Or this is how Wikipedia explains that.

Watching ads in my home country of Lithuania and comparing the ones I come across in the UK, I see a huge advantage of English language. It doesn’t necessarily mean that my native language is poor (actually, it’s one of the oldest in the world, and that makes me really proud!), but that for very obvious reasons it wasn’t used much for wordplay, and particulary in the advertising. At least I can enjoy seeing those incredible English wordplays now, while being in London. And there are a lot of them!

If you find a good one – printed, outdoor, online - anywhere, feel free to send a picture or link to them to me and I’d be glad to publish. Email is marius at bruzas dot eu. Thanks in advance!

Meanwhile, enjoy what I have spotted!